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Poker Strategy!
Tips on how to Win!

So. You've come looking for poker strategy. This is definitely the right place. Online poker is not an easy game to play, despite what you might think. Since you're sitting at a computer, and not at the table with the other players, you won't have the advantage of interpreting their body language (or "tells"), and that is one of the things that the masters of the game have studied for years to get where they are today. However, there are certain tried and true poker strategies that you can make use of whether you're playing online poker or in a live game. Here's a little list I whipped up that should give you the foundations of a good poker strategy: Hopefully this little list of poker strategy helpers will be enough to get you going. Don't forget that winning is ultimately up to you, so you have to keep your head about you, and not forget some of the most basic rules. Those are the poker strategies that will serve you best in a tight spot. And above all, relax and have fun; that's what playing poker is all about!

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